Freelance professional photographer based in Brussels and Porto

I worked as a press-photographer for various Belgian newspapers and magazines. My main focus was rock-photography so I had the privilege to see and photograph many great artists from the frontstage and I loved it.

It was a great period and I still love music but after 20 years it was time -professionally- for something else and that is my other passion: architecture ! I studied interior-design and color-advisor in evening school to learn more about this fascinating field. So I am the new kid on the block in architecture-photography and I would like to make a difference and put some rock ‘n roll in it. I hope you like it.

The website has a main focus on architecture but you also see concerts, portraits and stories I made as a press photographer, because I’m proud of that work and because I’m still available for those assignments, of course I am.

For more information, inquiries, buying prints,…….. you can always mail me: cia@ciajansen.com or call me: 0032-476828879

And you can find/follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/ciajansen/